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The Spirizon 5000!

I swear, cell phone technology just keeps getting better and better. It's friggin' amazing. Cameras and fancy ring tones are old news. This new phone is absolutely top-of-the-line.

If you have trouble completing a thought or are in need of major grammatical assistance, you can push the Speech Assistance button. The Spirizon Team will break into your call and help you finish the conversation in a polite, courteous fashion.

Video games include Paddleball, Blackjack, and Video Poker, or new games like “Hunt For Bin Laden,” “Trench Coat Mafia Shootout,” and “I Can't Hear You, You're Breaking Up!”

The Spirizon 5000

This little sucker has everything you could possibly think of, including The Spirizon Babysitter, Spirizon Get a Date-Make A Friend Service, and Two-Way Speaking(tm)! CHECK THIS SHIT OUT!

spirizon 5000

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